Sunday 29 April 2018


In 2013 and 2015 the London Geodiversity Partnership joined with members of the London Branch of the Open University Geological Society to clear the slopes of scrub vegetation enabling the geological interest at Gilbert’s Pit to be conserved and more easily viewed. The clearance enabled steps to be constructed up the face to make it more accessible to visiting groups and researchers. The clearing we did on the south face was expanded by the Royal Borough of Greenwich so that there is now an excellent view of the vertical cliff on that side of the pit. We have since erected an interpretation board detailing what strata can be seen there.

Inevitably saplings and brambles are beginning to take hold again and we now need to go back to maintain both the east face with the steps and clear some of the south face. We also want to improve access along the top ridge by clipping back the vegetation. As in previous years a geological tour will be offered and details about the geology of the site will be distributed to those who sign up. Some people will work on the slopes but there is also a need to clear brambles etc. at the base of both faces and along the top ridge. Some tools will be provided but please bring loppers and secateurs if you own them. LOUGS will again help to facilitate the geoconservation.

To register an interest, please contact Alan Wilson at Full details and a risk assessment will be sent nearer the time.

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5th – 13th May


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Sunday 13th May, 2018 at 10.30

Led by members of the London Geodiversity Partnership in conjunction with London Natural History Society

The purpose of the Geotrail is to discover and understand the different geological strata that underlie Spring Park and the adjacent Threehalfpenny Wood and Sparrows Den Playing Fields by looking at clues in the landscape and vegetation. At times of heavy rainfall, Sparrow’s Den, in particular becomes flooded and we will look at why that should happen. We will start by climbing the hill on the south side of Addington Road looking for evidence of chalk, following the public footpath across the fields to St John the Baptist Church at Wickham Court. Then we will pick up the London Loop down to Addington Road and then westwards into Sparrows Den and climb up the hill looking for evidence of the various strata as we go.

It is a 3 mile round trip beginning at the Kent Gate car park entrance to Spring Park opposite Croydon Rugby Club on the A 2022 Addington Ro ad . Buses 314 and 353 stop at Addington Road / Pumping Station by the car p ark . They run from Bro mley, Orpington and Hayes Station as well as from Addington Village Interchange (Tram Stop) . Please note that toilet opportunities are limited . Those who wish to continue with the optional add - on in the afternoon are advised to bring a packed lunch . There are some steep slopes which may be slippery if wet.

Booking essential please ring the City of London Corporation on 01372 279083 – there is no charge

Optional add - on for the afternoon: Continue along the London Loop and walk west, mostly on heathland for about 2 ½ miles to Addington Hill to look at the magnificent views across London . From there it is a short walk downhill to Coombe Lane Tram Stop.

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Riddlesdown conservation
Good practice in conservation at Riddlesdown Quarry